How to Submit Bylaw Proposals for General Conference

Bylaw Proposals

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General Conference Business Meetings

15-16 July, 2022

Who can submit a Bylaw amendment proposal?

The Governing Board, the Council of Elders, a member of the Lay House or a member of the Clergy House of General Conference.


In order for a member of the Lay House or of the Clergy House to submit a Bylaw amendment, the proposal must:

  • Have the written support of the sponsor’s local church and
  • Have the written support of at least two (2) other churches from two (2) other countries.

To whom do you send a proposal?

A member of the Lay House or of the Clergy House should submit the Bylaw amendment proposal in writing to the Office of the Moderator

What needs to be included in the proposal?

  1. The name and contact information of the person submitting the proposal.
  2. A statement of whether the person submitting the proposal is a member  of the Lay House or of the Clergy House of General Conference.
  3. Citation of the particular Article to be amended (example: Article V.B.3 (d)).
  4. The current language of the Article to be amended.
  5. The proposed language (how it is proposed that the Article would read  after being amended).

By when does this need to be submitted?

COVID and changes to how we will be doing General Conference Business have delayed our process. The procedure calls for this to be done by January 15th, which is 6 months ahead of the General Conference Business Meeting. For the 2022 cycle, we ask that you submit your proposal with the written support of your local church by February 1st and submit the written support from 2 other churches in 2 different countries by March 1st.

The complete details for this process may be found at:Microsoft Word – UFMCC Bylaws as of July 2013_Addendum 1 Procedures for Submitting Bylaw Proposals (

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