Business Meeting Documents: 

Revised Business Pack (Part A), 29th June 2022: English | Español | Portugués

Original Business Pack (Part A): English | Español | Portugués

Business Pack (Part B): English | Español | Portugués

Proposed Business Meeting Agenda (Draft): English | Español | Portugués | Deutsch

Procedures Handbook: English | Español | Portugués

Revised All Bylaws Proposals, 29th June 2022English| Español | Portugués

Original All Bylaws ProposalsEnglish| Español | Portugués


Governing Board: English  | Español | Portugués

Moderator: English | Español | Portugués

Governing Board Nominating Committee: English | Español | Portugués

Commission on Assessments: English | Español | Portugués

Communications Commission: English | Español | Portugués

Commission on General Conference: English | Español | Portugués

Commission on Pathways of Healing and Reconciliation: English | Español | Portugués

Commission on Rites and Sacraments: English | Español| Portugués

Lay Delegates 

Lay Delegates Manual English | Español | Portugués

Questions at the Business Forum – Thursday 7th July (8th July in Aotearoa New Zealand)

It is important that delegates are able to ask questions at the Business Forum. Because of the online nature and technical aspects of our Business Forum, you will need to submit questions in advance in order to use your voice during this part of the business process. Questions will be chosen at random from those submitted. You can submit your questions using this form Business Forum questions  The closing date for questions is Wednesday 6th July.
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