Worship at General Conference 

There are three opportunities to share in worship during General Conference. Prepare your hearts, your sanctuary, your home to Be Transformed! This will be your guide to preparing for worship.

Opening Worship | JOIN US (link will be here shortly before worship) 

View Worship Program |(English, Español, Português; Copies in Word and PDF)
View Transcript for Sermons 

(English, Español, Português; Word and PDF)copies in Word and PDF)

Worship at General Conference features our connection “all the world round!” Here in this place newness is streaming–a new way of connecting around the world, a new way of being a Body together, new transforming ways of loving and living that meet you right where they are. Whether you will watch at home or with a streaming party, we will celebrate the connection of the Spirit that is beaming love to all! We will celebrate communion in this worship service and invite you to have elements ready as we become one Body in practice and Spirit.

Note: This worship service will be offered multiple times to accommodate various time zones. Select the time that works best for you. To see all the times Opening Worship will be broadcasted, please look at the schedule.

Synchronous Worldwide Worship | JOIN US (link will be here shortly before worship) 

View Worship Program | (English, Español, Português; Copies in Word and PDF)

Join this live worship service with MCCer’s from around the world. Together, we will contemplate the ways nearly everything about our world has transformed in the last three years since our last gathering. We will be invited into a time to  give voice to all that has changed, to mark the multi-layered losses of our lives, and to open ourselves up to the promise of resurrection which shows us that death never has the last word. Throughout the service, you will be invited to lift your voice through the chat and in the rooms you are gathered in. After sharing communion together, we will conclude with an invitation for worshippers to end in break-out prayer rooms in different languages.

Note: This worship service will be offered only once. We chose a time we hope will work for everyone in the world to be able to join at the time. Please consult the schedule for your time zone.

Unified Global Sunday Closing Worship | JOIN US (link will be here shortly before worship) 

View Worship Program | (English, Español, Português; Word and PDF)copies in Word and PDF)
View Transcript for Rev. Cecilia’s Sermon

Close out our Transformational Weekend with a worship service that helps us to lean into what can be as we embrace the transformative power of the Spirit. Our Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston will preach this service and have a pre-recorded version for anyone who wants to play it in their local church worship. We invite ALL of our congregations to either stream this service or use the same order or worship so we can be unified in the Spirit. Look at this resource to see the Worship Team’s suggestions of how to adapt this service for this your congregation. 

Note: Check out the schedule to see when to stream the service in your time zone.

Symbol: Twirling all the world ‘round

The visual anchor for General Conference 2022 is twirling pieces of ribbons (as in the logo) or other pieces of fabric. This is an act of celebrating our global connection and a symbol of our collective and diverse beauty that signifies our ties to one another “all the world ‘round.”

Here is an example of ribbon streamers that can be twirled and danced with during conference. These are accessible for people of all ages to use while standing or seated.Woman dancing with a Ribbon

If participants who are tuning in virtually don’t have access to order ready-made ribbons on a stick, they can easily make their own with a wooden dowel, a straw, a pencil or some kind of wand or stick, and some colorful ribbon or lightweight fabric that is cut in strips.

People can also twirl anything else, like a scarf or fabric napkin, or a hand towel. The idea is to have something to create joy and energy  with a bit of colorful movement. Here is a video demonstration to give people a sense of how you can “dance” the ribbons. (Warning: the joyful energy in this clip is contagious!) 

Ribbons weaved togetherYou could even make a video collage by encouraging people to film a short clip of themselves showing off their ribbon dancing moves and send them to us HERE.

If you have groups of participants who are doing a “watch party” (live-streaming party) together, they can have some ribbons or paper that they can write prayers on and weave together. Here is one example of what you can create. Feel free to get creative with other display ideas and post your creation in the “Photos” section of the Whova App.





The Digital Prayer and Memorial Walls

During General Conference, we encourage you to share prayers and lift up the requests of others on our digital prayer wall:


Here’s a reference guide for how to interact with the prayer wall features:   

This image shows the Padlet with boxes that include various prayers. An arrow points to the bottom right corner with a "plus" sign so that you can add your own prayer too.

This image shows that you can add a Title in the top box, you can add an image, Gif, Youtube video, etc., add the text of your prayer, and even change the color of your box. This image shows that you can click on "Comment" to comment on the prayer.

As mentioned above, the Synchronous worship service will be one of lament and remembrance for the losses, especially of the last two years. You can go any time to the Memorial Wall to add the name, with a photo if you want, of someone or something you lost. The process is the same as the instructions above: https://padlet.com/MCCGC/memorial 

Image of Memorial Wall showing a photo of someone with a short text about them.

Other ways to make worship at home or in a streaming party special:

  • worship in a space where you will not be interrupted (or invite the interrupters to join you!)
  • have candles to light
  • make your own altar with special objects
  • plan to participate in chat to praise and pray with others
  • watch on as large a device as possible so you can be immersed in the sights and sounds, but also so you can read lyrics and subtitles easily
  • on the pre-recorded worship, feel free to pause the video at any time to have some quiet or put on your own music to dance, or have a meaningful discussion with those who may be with you.
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